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Quick and dependable Anaheim, CA Kenmore appliance repairs

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Is your Kenmore appliance acting up? From fridges that won't stay cold to ovens that won't heat up, Asurion's experienced repair techs in Anaheim, CA can have your Kenmore appliance working again in no time.

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High-quality Anaheim, CA Kenmore repairs

For 100+ years, Kenmore has been providing homes with reliable appliances to make doing laundry, cooking dinner and washing dishes more enjoyable. But even the best appliances need repairs at some point, and you don't want to hand them over to just anyone.

Asurion’s team of repair technicians in Anaheim has the experience and knowledge needed to fix any Kenmore appliance, and we can offer next day appointments. Whether your Kenmore stove, fridge, dishwasher or washing machine needs repairs, our skilled technicians will have your appliance working again in a flash. And every repair comes with our 60-day guarantee, so you can be rest assured you're getting exceptional service.

Quick Anaheim, CA Kenmore refrigerator repair service

If your Kenmore refrigerator is too warm, too cold or making strange noises, count on Asurion. Our repair techs in Anaheim, CA are eager to help solve any fridge problem, whether it's a clogged water line or a faulty door seal. We know a broken fridge needs to be fixed ASAP and try our hardest to make next day appointments.

Budget-friendly Kenmore washing machine repair in Anaheim, CA

Washing machine stopping mid-cycle? Dryer leaving your clothes wet? When you need your Kenmore dryer or washing machine repaired in Anaheim, CA, schedule an appointment with Asurion. Our 5-star repair techs are laundry machine experts, and they'll swiftly have your appliance up and running again. Our technicians can do it all without going over your budget, from replacing a broken motor to cleaning out years' worth of lint.

We also offer Anaheim, CA Kenmore dishwasher repair

Are dishes coming out of your Kenmore dishwasher just as dirty as when they went in? Or maybe it's not draining all the way? You don’t need to suffer washing dishes in the sink. Reach out to Asurion and schedule a Anaheim, CA Kenmore dishwasher repair appointment. Our certified technicians will come out to your home and handle the necessary repairs, whether it's installing a new pump or replacing the door gasket.

Anaheim, CA Kenmore oven repair you can rely on

From cooking breakfast to making dessert, your Kenmore oven and stove help keep your family from going hungry. A broken oven doesn't have to mean a week of ordering in. If your burners aren't getting hot or your oven won't reach the right temperature, you can rely on Asurion for quick Anaheim, CA Kenmore stove repair services. Regardless of whether you have a gas or electric stove, our technicians will perform expert maintenance supported by our 60-day guarantee.

Schedule your Kenmore certified repairs in Anaheim, CA today

Booking a Kenmore repair appointment in Anaheim, CA is easy with Asurion. To get started, schedule an appointment online or by phone at 877-221-2037. We’ll get in touch to get more information about your Kenmore appliance, identify the issue and order any replacement parts. Then, one of our 5-star repair techs will come to your home to perform the repairs. Schedule your Kenmore repair with Asurion now!