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From your LG range and oven to your LG dishwasher and fridge, Asurion in Hawthorne, CA has the quick, efficient and reliable technicians needed to get your LG appliance repairs done right — the first time!

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LG refrigerator repair near me in Hawthorne, CA

Your days of asking, "who repairs LG refrigerators" are over because Asurion in Hawthorne is always equipped for the task! When your appliance has stopped working the way it's supposed to, we know how to diagnose and fix the problem the right way! That's why LG relies on Asurion to reliably repair their appliances. Call now to book your authorized LG refrigerator repair in Hawthorne, CA, and have it fixed as soon as next-day!

LG range repair near me in Hawthorne, CA

When your LG oven or range is no longer functioning properly, the negative impact can be felt in every scorched meal and every missed mealtime. Contact your local Asurion in CA for the LG range and oven repair services you need, and get your residence (and mealtime) back in order as soon as next-day!

LG dishwasher repair near me in Hawthorne, CA

Your LG dishwasher is possibly one of the most time-saving appliances you own. It alleviates the burden of cleaning dishes by hand and works to keep the shiny sparkle on your freshly cleaned glassware. If your LG dishwasher needs repair, save time on hand-washing dirty pots and pans yourself by having it repaired at Asurion in Hawthorne, CA as soon as the next day!

LG washer and dryer repair services near me in Hawthorne, CA

You don't want to wait until your LG washer and dryer have completely failed before getting them fixed. Laundry piles up, and moldy smells from wet, undried clothing can have you scurrying for a quick fix. Contact Asurion in Hawthorne, CA to get the repairs you need as soon as possible. Our 5-star technicians can come to your home, do the repair, and make sure your laundry gets out of the hamper and back into your LG dryer and washer!

Schedule authorized LG appliance repair in Hawthorne, CA today!

When searching for LG appliance repair services near you, you don't need to stress about finding experienced LG repair companies. Why? Because you've already found it! LG has authorized us to repair any damaged LG appliance, and for good reason! We make the whole process simple!

When you're ready to book your LG repair, give us a call at 877-221-2037 or book an appointment online. We'll ask you a few questions, diagnose the issue and order the parts you need to get back up and running. Then, one of our LG-trained specialists will arrive to your Hawthorne home and service your appliance. It's as simple as that! With Asurion in Hawthorne, CA, the LG appliance repair services you need are done right — the first time!