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Get your stove, oven, or cooktop running again with local appliance repair experts from Asurion. We offer next day stove and oven repair service in Los Angeles, CA. Plus, every repair comes with a 60-day guarantee!

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Get next day oven and stove repair in Los Angeles, CA with 60-day guarantee

Forget about dealing with a defective oven or stove! With trusted, reliable service experts, Asurion provides next day oven and stove repair services in Los Angeles, California, all backed by a 60-day guarantee to make sure you receive five-star repairs and peace of mind that your appliance works properly.

We are authorized by most major appliance brands, and our expert technicians in Los Angeles have their certifications from some of the leading manufacturers in the country. Our advanced systems allow us to get oven and stove parts efficiently compared to other Los Angeles appliance repair companies, allowing us to mend your oven or stove faster than them, too!

Common oven and stove issues Asurion can fix

Asurion’s highly trained team of Los Angeles-based appliance repair technicians can diagnose common stove problems and fix gas stoves or electric stoves, and our team can handle cosmetic fixes as well (such as cracks and dents).

Oven door won’t shut? We can take a look at your oven door hinges. Is your oven heating unevenly, not heating up all the way, or are the oven knobs stuck? We can evaluate the oven’s controls and see if there’s deterioration from boiled over water or possibly a blown fuse that needs to be replaced altogether. Your oven’s self-clean mode won’t work? Leave the grit and grime to us — we can get to the bottom of your oven problem.

Whether your oven repair issue in Los Angeles, CA is big or small, our team is up for the challenge: oven door hinge replacement, cracked oven glass replacement, stovetop burner issues, and system repairs to induction, gas, or electric ovens.

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Set up your stove, oven, or cooktop repair service in Los Angeles today. Asurion is honored to have a dedicated team of local appliance technicians in Los Angeles, allowing you to support the local community.

In most cases, we can schedule service for the next day you reach out. Our appliance technicians in Los Angeles can help diagnose your issue over the phone within a few minutes. Next, we’ll get the needed parts and drive to your home in Los Angeles to fix your oven and answer any remaining question you may have. Call Asurion at 866-341-8263 for knowledgeable, friendly team members, and a five-star appliance repair.