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Is your refrigerator doing something strange? Asurion's local fridge repair experts in Fort Myers, FL are here to help. We can have your refrigerator running properly as soon as the next day.

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All Asurion refrigerator repairs in Fort Myers, FL backed with a 60-day guarantee

Turn to Asurion for the best local refrigerator repair in Fort Myers! We're authorized to perform fridge repairs by most major appliance brands. In addition, you can expect fast turnaround time on replacement parts and Asurion’s standard 60-day guarantee on appliance repairs. It’s part of Asurion’s mission to provide the best repairs in the nation and assurance that your fridge was fixed right on the first try.

Call for fridge service in Fort Myers for common home refrigerator repair issues

There isn't a fridge problem our Fort Myers appliance technicians can't fix. They've seen almost everything and and can fix a majority of the most commonly reported fridge problems, like:

Fridge that freezes over. A refrigerator that gets too cold and turns your food to ice may mean there's a problem with the temperature control thermostat, and it needs a new one.

Fridge leaking water on the floor. The water could be coming from a blocked defrost drain, buildup in the drain hose or a clogged water supply. Though you could try and solve these issues with your own tools, things might get messy and the process could take a lot of time, as you will need to identify certain hoses and turn off some valves.

 Fridge stays warm, not cold. A refrigerator that won’t cool could be due to clogged condenser coils, old door seals, a bad power source, blocked air vents or a broken compressor fan. With so many potential sources for this refrigerator problem, the fastest way to get it fixed is by turning to a pro.

Refrigerator loudly humming. Your fridge could be cycling too much. This could also cause an expensive power bill. Repairing a noisy refrigerator requires locating and cleaning the condenser coils or resetting the temperature.

Whatever the problem, Asurion's fridge repair professionals in Fort Myers, FL are here to assist. Call on us, and we can solve your refrigerator problems as soon as the next day.

Get next day fridge repair in Fort Myers, FL

Asurion is your go-to Fort Myers refrigerator repair company. We can get your kitchen back in working order. Just follow these two steps. Call to schedule refrigerator repair in your area or click to book your appointment online. We'll do our best to figure out your fridge repair, order any necessary parts and double-check your appointment time. Then, we'll send out a certified repair technician as soon as the next day and repair your refrigerator in Fort Myers. Call 866-341-8263 now to get your appliance repair booked!