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Columbus, OH

Dacor kitchen appliance service and repairs in Columbus, OH

Your whole home runs on Dacor appliances! It’s no surprise that everything seems harder when one malfunctions. Schedule Dacor kitchen appliance services and repairs in Columbus, OH with an expert technician today.

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Get Dacor appliance repairs in Columbus from certified techs

Your Dacor appliances are among your home’s most necessary features. So, don’t trust just any Columbus appliance tech when you need repairs. Schedule an appointment with a manufacturer-trained technician in Columbus, OH instead.

Dacor kitchen range troubleshooting in Columbus, OH

Whether you’re dealing with a burner that won’t ignite some of the best-known appliance manufacturers in the industry. And thanks to their years of experience, Asurion technicians in Columbus Many of Columbus, OH neighbors trust our local technicians Contact Asurion Appliance to schedule an at-home appointment, and best-in-class turnaround times sourcing replacement parts. From questionable smells to annoying stovetop clicking sounds, our Columbus techs can handle your Dacor range issues — big and small! Contact Asurion Appliance, and we’ll help get your Dacor kitchen appliances fixed before dinnertime!

Dacor cooktop repairs in Columbus, OH

Dacor stovetops are recognized for their luxe design and chef-inspired features, but they’re not free of problems! Dacor stove tops are subject to common cooktop issues like malfunctioning heating elements, burners that won’t ignite or cracks in your tempered glass stovetop. No matter the problem, Asurion appliance techs are at the ready for all your Dacor stove top problems in Columbus, OH. Thanks to Asurion experts’ training and years of experience, you can rest assured knowing your Dacor appliances are in good hands. Call Asurion to set up a time for convenient and affordable Dacor cooktop repairs in Columbus, OH.

Dacor wall oven repairs in Columbus, OH

Is your Dacor wall oven overheating — or worse — not heating at all? Does the oven light or pre-heat function not work? Our certified oven techs in Columbus know their way around Dacor appliances. Don’t spend another day trying to cook out of your toaster oven or relying on the stove alone for meal prep! Call on Asurion for quick and easy Dacor appliance repairs in Columbus, OH. Our certified technicians will help you get your meal prep routine back on track with precise diagnostic technology and industry-leading turnaround time on replacement wall oven parts.

Repairing malfunctioning Dacor warming drawers in Columbus, OH

Some people think of warming drawers as a luxury. But you depend on your Dacor warming drawer to keep freshly grilled food hot or to heat up blankets on chilly winter nights, you know it’s essential in your home. So, when your Dacor warming drawers won’t start, heats unevenly, or is not level, it can be a major headache. Luckily, certified appliance experts in Columbus, OH, have what it takes to troubleshoot your Dacor warming drawer — whether you keep it in your kitchen or out by the smoker, integrated or countertop! Call and set up your in-home appointment for Dacor warming drawer repairs in Columbus.

Affordable and convenient Dacor appliance repairs in Columbus, OH

We take price in the process of appliance repairs — whether that means installing a new oven light or checking for electrical shorts in your stovetop! That’s why all our Dacor appliance repairs in Columbus, OH are backed by 60-day parts and labor guarantee. Call now to schedule an appointment with one of our appliance techs in Columbus and see how quick and convenient appliance repairs can be.