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You turn to Asurion for your appliance repair needs in McKinney, TX — and we’re here to keep your appliances maintained with critical preventative maintenance, too. Book an Asurion Appliance Care appointment for your kitchen, laundry, or whole home today.

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What Does Asurion Appliance Care Mean for You in McKinney, TX?

Much like your car, your appliances require regular maintenance to perform optimally, last longer, and run safely. Asurion's preventative appliance maintenance service, Appliance Care, is available in McKinney, TX. Appliance Care is meant to help you prolong and optimize the performance of your family's major household appliances. Don't put maintenance off until you have a major appliance breakdown. No matter if you need laundry, kitchen, or whole home appliances examined, we’re here to help.

The Advantages of Appliance Maintenance in McKinney, TX


  • Extended Appliance Life: Regular maintenance can add years to the lifespan of your appliance
  • Safer Household: Risks of neglecting appliance care can include: fire hazards, gas leaks, electrical shocks, mechanical hazards, mold growth, water leaks, chemical leaks, food safety concerns, and many more.
  • Optimal Performance: Consistent appliance care helps keep your appliances running at peak performance
  • Cost Savings: Avoid costly major appliance replacements and repairs through preventative maintenance.
  • Eco-Friendly: Well-maintained appliances have a reduced carbon footprint, and can lower your household energy costs.

Laundry Appliance Maintenance Packages in McKinney, TX

In McKinney, TX, Asurion offers three Appliance Care maintenance packages. The first one is the Laundry Package. For only $199, our experts will come to your McKinney-area home and carry out a 20-step tune-up on your washer and dryer. We will examine your machine's performance, check for leaks, look for mold, and more. Not only will we check your machines, but we will also clean the areas where lint, mold, and mildew frequently build up.

How often should you have maintenance performed on your washer and dryer? We recommend you service your washing machine monthly or at least quarterly. We recommend annual McKinney Asurion Appliance Care appointments for your dryer.

Where Can I Find Kitchen Appliance Maintenance Packages in McKinney, TX?

The Asurion Appliance Care Kitchen Package covers your fridge, freezer, range, and dishwasher. This $249 package includes a 30-step tune-up that checks for performance, safety hazards, and leaks. Our expert appliance technicians will come to your McKinney-area home and ensure that your appliances' parts are squeaky clean, from your dishwasher filters to fridge coils.

How frequently should you schedule Asurion maintenance for your kitchen appliances in McKinney, TX? Much like your washing machine, your dishwasher should be checked and maintained at least once a quarter, but monthly is recommended. Service your refrigerator and range annually.

Appliance Maintenance Packages for the Whole McKinney, TX Home

Don’t want to deal with the hassle of scheduling separate maintenance appointments for your kitchen and laundry appliances? We have the solution! Our $299 Whole Home Package covers the five main appliances in your McKinney home (washer, dryer, dishwasher, oven/range, and fridge). Our expert technicians will conduct a 50-step tune-up and review to help check that your appliances are running at their peak and look for possible safety hazards or future issues.

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Take a preventive approach to appliance care. Stay ahead of potential problems with Asurion Appliance Care. Schedule your appliance maintenance service in McKinney, TX today.

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Laundry Package

Maximize your laundry efficiency with Asurion Appliance Care! For one value price, our 20-step laundry appliance tune-up service inspects and maintains your washer and dryer. We check for performance, wear, potential leaks, mold, lint, fire hazards and even clean vital components where lint, mold and mildew build up.

Washing Machine: Asurion Appliance Care washing machine package includes a 9-step process featuring:

•         Wipe gaskets around drum and door seal for mold, mildew and debris

•         Test all controls and safety features for proper functionality

•         Check hoses

•         Check spin speed

•         Run diagnostics

•         Inspect belt, motor inspections and machine noise

•         Agitator pressure inspection (top load only)

•         Drain checks

•         Advise on how to clean washer

Dryer: Asurion Appliance Care dryer package includes an 11-step process featuring:

•         Test all controls and safety features for proper functionality

•         Check around drum for lost items like socks

•         Open front of the dryer and address lint buildup around the drum and other harder to reach areas

•         Clean lint screen housing and remove lint

•         Make sure doors close properly

•         Clean inside of all seals

•         Drum seal and support checks

•         Intake and exhaust inspections

•         Temperature and moisture sensor cleaning and inspection

•         Dryer leveling and leg adjustment

•         Outdoor dryer vent hood cleaning (first floor/level exit only)

Kitchen Package

Three essentials, one unbeatable package! Elevate your kitchen's efficiency with the Asurion Appliance Care Kitchen Package. This 30-step tune-up covers preventative maintenance on your refrigerator, dishwasher, and oven. We inspect each for optimal performance, safety hazards, wear and potential leaks, while ensuring internal and external components are spotless – including hard to reach and clean refrigerator coils and dishwasher filters.

Refrigerator/Freezer: Asurion Appliance Care refrigerator package includes a 10-step process featuring:

•         Test all buttons and controls for proper operation

•         Clean condenser coils

•         Check temp and advise settings

•         Check Seals

•         Water filter check

•         Level unit

•         Check flap and bail arms of ice dispenser

•         Check automatic defrost cycle (if applicable for unit)

•         Check door seals for air leaks, verify seals are butting up onto frame

•         Wipe down exterior

Range: Asurion Appliance Care oven/range/stove maintenance includes a 12-step process featuring:

•         Test all controls and safety features for proper functionality

•         Check surface elements and burner operation and adjust accordingly

•         Level unit

•         Make sure caps are on the correct burners

•         Heat check oven controls for accurate temperatures

•         Test door latch

•         Check oven door and door gasket for proper alignment

•         Check and adjust clock/timer

•         Check electronic controls to ensure proper functions

•         Check surface/oven burners/elements for even flame or element glow

•         Verify interior oven elements work from high to low ranges

•         Wipe down Exterior

*On a gas range, burner adjustments limited to knobs and handles

Dishwasher: Asurion Appliance Care dishwasher package includes an 8-step process featuring:

•         Test all controls and safety features for proper functionality

•         Ensure proper drain flow

•         Remove debris from pump housing and verify proper wash-arm spraying

•         Remove filter in drain, empty it of debris and soak in soapy water

•         Check pump and motor shaft for leaks

•         Clean pump and spray arms. Check water distribution

•         Check door gasket to prevent leaks

•         Check water temperature

Whole Home Package

Five appliances, one comprehensive package! Experience unparalleled care with the Asurion Appliance Care Whole Home Maintenance Package. Covering both kitchen and laundry through a 50-step inspection and tune-up, we ensure your refrigerator, dishwasher, oven/range, washer, and dryer are in peak condition. We inspect for performance, wear, potential leaks and hazards, and clean internal and external parts where lint, mold, mildew, food and debris can build.