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Pasadena, TX

Get refrigerator repair service near me in Pasadena, TX

Is your refrigerator doing something strange? Asurion's local fridge repair experts in Pasadena, TX are here to help. We can have your refrigerator running properly as soon as the next day.

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Asurion fridge repairs in Pasadena, TX come backed with a 60-day guarantee

Call on Asurion for quality local refrigerator repair in Pasadena! We're authorized to perform fridge repairs by most major appliance brands. With us, you can expect an industry-leading turnaround time on replacement parts and a 60-day guarantee on all Asurion appliance repairs. It’s part of Asurion’s mission to deliver the highest quality repairs nationwide and peace of mind that your refrigerator repairs were 100% completed on the first try.

When it comes to fridge problems in Pasadena, TX, we've seen it all

Our Pasadena appliance technicians have seen it all and can troubleshoot a majority of the most common fridge appliance repair issues, including:

Fridge with ice buildup. A refrigerator that freezes your food is likely due to something wrong with the appliance's temperature control thermostat, and it may need a replacement.

Water leaking from the fridge. You could be looking at a clogged water supply, buildup in the drain hose or a blocked defrost drain. While you could troubleshoot these issues on your own, things might get messy and the process could take a lot of time, as you’ll have to identify certain hoses and turn off some valves.

Fridge won’t stay cold. A refrigerator that is more warm than cold could be caused by worn out door seals, clogged condenser coils, a faulty power supply, a broken compressor fan or blocked air vents. With so many potential culprits for this refrigerator problem, it’s best to leave the troubleshooting to a professional.

Fridge makes loud noises. Your fridge could be cycling too often. This issue may also present as a larger than normal power bill. Fixing a loud fridge involves finding and cleaning the condenser coils or resetting the thermostat.

No matter your fridge issue, your trusted Asurion fridge repair specialists in Pasadena, TX are prepared for the job. Give us a call, and we can have your refrigerator repaired as early as the next day.

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Make Asurion your local refrigerator repair service in Pasadena. We can help get the job done in two easy steps. Call to schedule fridge repair near you or make an appointment online. We’ll determine what fridge repair service you need, order the right parts and make sure the appointment time still works for you. Then, we'll dispatch a certified repair expert to your home and fix your refrigerator in Pasadena. Call Asurion at 866-341-8263 now to make your appliance repair appointment!